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General Issue

General Issue
When was SK Hynix incorporated?
The company was incorporated as Hyundai Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. on February 1983. The company acquired and merged with LG Semiconductor on October 1999, after which the company name was changed to “Hynix Semiconductor Inc.” on March 2001. On February 2012, the company’s shareholding structure was changed when SKTelecom became the company’s major shareholder and the company became part of the SK group. Subsequently, the company name was changed to “SK hynix Inc.” on March 2012. For further details, please refer to About Us>History
What are SK Hynix’s business divisions?
SK Hynix’s core business is memory semiconductors including DRAM, NAND Flash, and MCP (Multi-Chip Package). Our product portfolio has expanded to include system LSI sector through initiation of the CMOS Image Sensor business in 2007. For further details, please refer to About us>Business scope
What is SK Hynix’s BOD composition?
SK Hynix’s BOD comprises of nine directors, five of whom are outside directors. Two sub-committees operate under the BOD including the Outside Director Nomination Committee and the Audit Committee. For further details, please refer to IR>Company overview>BOD
Where is SK Hynix located?
SK Hynix operates a global production network that includes main fabs at Icheon and Cheongju in Korea and Wuxi in China. Our sales and marketing network extends around the world in order to provide on-site client service whenever necessary. For further details, please refer to About us>Global Network
What is SK Hynix’s credit rating?
Please refer to IR>Financial Information>Credit Ratings for more details about SK Hynix’s rating information.
When is the general shareholders meeting held and How can I participate in?
When is the general shareholders’ meeting held and how can I participate in it?
The company’s general shareholders’ meeting schedule is determined at the company's regular BOD meeting held in January each year. The company sends the general shareholders’ meeting agenda and schedule to shareholders by mail in addition to issuing a public notice. For further details, please refer to IR>IR Event>AGM

Stock related

Stock related
I would like to know about SK Hynix’s listed information.
The company offered its shares through an IPO on December 26th, 1996 and its common shares are listed on the Korea Exchange (at 20,000 won per share). SK Hynix’s depository receipts are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
For further details, please refer to IR>Stock Information>General Information
What is SK Hynix’s ownership structure?
Please refer to IR>Stock Information>General Information
How can I invest in SK Hynix stocks?
As someone residing outside Korea, you may invest in SK Hynix stock (000660) through a qualified institutional broker in Korea. For information regarding investing in SK Hynix GDR, please contact your broker.
Are there any references or web pages where I can learn more about SK Hynix or the market?
For information on DRAM or NAND Flash prices, you can refer to DRAM Exchange ( For information disclosed to the public, please visit Korea Exchange e-Disclosure System( or Financial Supervisory Commission e-Disclosure System. (
How can I contact your IR representative?
You may contact our IR representatives directly at
Tel : 02-3459-5541~8
mail :

Financial related

Financial related
When are quarterly earnings disclosed?
As a rule, the company releases quarterly earnings within one month of its quarterly closing. However, 4th quarter earnings may be released later because of the year-end closing. For the exact schedule of quarterly earnings release, please refer to IR>IR Event>Conference Activities
Where can I find the company’s financial reports?
You can find all of the company's reports at IR>Financial Information>Audit reports You may also get annual/quarterly summarized financial results at IR>Financial Information>Summarized financial statements
What is SK Hynix’s fiscal year?
SK Hynix‘s fiscal year is equivalent to its calendar year, and every December is the closing period
How can I receive SK Hynix’s annual report?
The annual report can be downloaded at your convenience from our IR Website at IR>Financial Information>Annual Report